September 26th


The action figure/ornament [note loop on top of head] @michellethemerciless made of me, complete with a hot, fresh slice of pizza. @sculpey_polyform #sculpey


The @michellethemerciless action figure I made, complete with a sprinkle, iced donut. @sculpey_polyform #sculpey


@michellethemerciless and I made @sculpey_polyform action figures of each other.

September 22nd

4:08PM // 5 notes

Whipped this deliciously controversial doodle up for a friend who is not only a Natzi war history fan, but a Kit Kat addict as well. #kitkat #natzi #swastika #hitler #swastikitkat

September 21st


Introducing Lieutenant Commander Predator, of the House of Hish. #startrek #startrekthenextgeneration #predator #worf #lieutenantcommanderworf

September 20th

5:45PM // 1 note

Xenomorphed Super Soaker sketch [color soon]. #aliens #supersoaker #xenomorph #hrgiger #nerf

August 1st

9:54PM // 2 notes

The motto I try to live by.

July 23rd

4:25PM // 1 note

Slightly modified a tennis ball for my brother.

July 21st


Collaborated with @michellethemerciless’s dad on a childhood based Bébé Chelle mini comic idea.

July 15th


Quick Denny’s road doodle.