August 1st

9:54PM // 2 notes

The motto I try to live by.

July 23rd

4:25PM // 1 note

Slightly modified a tennis ball for my brother.

July 21st


Collaborated with @michellethemerciless’s dad on a childhood based Bébé Chelle mini comic idea.

July 15th


Quick Denny’s road doodle.

July 5th


"The All-Seeing Eyevories of the Gum Realm"

June 30th


Should be sleeping, but instead playing around with some colors on this old “Wizard’s Master Slice” for future prints

3:30AM // 3 notes

Finally complete. “Slimer the Hut” #slimer #ghostbusters #jabbathehut #starwars #pizza #donuts

June 29th


Having fun with this new project so far

June 27th


Dusting off some hand lettering

June 21st

4:53PM // 1 note

"Lace Front Eyebrow of Sauron’s Sister" [14.25"x12"]- [About to throw this up on my Etsy for $25, unless somebody wants to snatch it from me in person]- link to Etsy in Bio